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ATA connects industry analysts in expert communities. We provide a platform for experts to discuss their research and our networks have 20,000+ members. We also work with a range of innovative brands seeking to connect with these influencers.

Each ATA group is focused on a specific industry – Enterprise Technology, Finance, Energy, etc – see a full list of our groups.
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Promote your research. Find new projects. Connect with other experts in your field. Start conversations and discuss the latest trends in your industry.

Our expert communities bring together experts from established firms and freelance analysts to discuss cutting edge industry research. If you are an analyst with sector expertise then drop us an email with your experience and find out more about working with ATA.

We bring together the brightest analysts across industry verticals. ATA Research can help you find the market data and strategy you need.

As well as custom research we work with a range of innovative companies to build analyst relations and deliver messaging about upcoming events, products or services of interest to our communities. If you are interested in working with us then get in touch.


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Leading Analyst Groups

ATA curates a number of analyst related social networking groups. These bring together experts from across the world in a powerful community. With 20,000+ influencers, our members are some of the leading analysts worldwide. Messaging is never successful unless its being read by the people that really count - to get started get in touch

Association of Technology Analysts & Influencers Association of Financial Analysts Association of Energy Analysts Association of Healthcare Analysts Association of Construction and Transport Analysts Association of Aerospace and Defense Analysts Association of Analyst Relations Professionals Association of IT Infrastructure and Operations AnalystsAssociation of Enterprise Architecture analysts Association of Telecoms Analysts Association of Manufacturing and Commodities Analysts Association of Real Estate Analysts CPA




Custom Research

ATA Research is a strategic research and advisory firm. We deliver analysis, market research and complex data management from our network of world leading experts and academics. We help businesses improve efficiency and make the most of their data by drawing on talent from around the world and cross industries to ensure that each project is tackled in a unique fashion.




Writing Solutions

ATA delivers expert targeted writing on a variety of topics -drawing on our wide community of experts we can help your business get its message across. We have analysts with deep sector knowlege alongside copywriters, marketing experts and branding consultants all able to deliver the content you need to fit your timescale.




Banner Advertising

Generate powerful real-time marketing targeted to decision makers and influencers. Advantages include: Display large format fully enabled ads to reinforce your brand, coordinated campaigns, specific product or campaign targeting, option to receive listing as a sponsoring company.



Unique social networking propositions

With a truly global online audience all-the-analysts and associated networks offers a unique opportunity to connect on the issues that matter to you. As a sponsor get involved with the latest discussions and questions as they are raised and raise your brand awareness.



We won't spam our members so we work with brands to develop your message in an organic manner. If you are looking to raise awareness of an interesting technology, a research topic or you have a new innovative product this is the place to turn.

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